The future demands trust. Because trust creates ideas. Ideas based on personal convictions are the most effective drivers of growth and change. We help people and brands to identify pertinent topics, trends and talents. We strengthen personalities, potentials and positions. Together we develop communicative models and strategies. As experts from various entrepreneurial and social sectors, our consulting services are individualised, inspirational and sustainable. They are precise and to the point. As experienced consultants and coaches, we demonstrate how to convincingly combine individuality and entrepreneurship. We regard learning disciplines and challenges as opportunities to close gaps and shape tomorrow with new ideas. tr-st is future.

We develop strategies and communication concepts for brands. In cooperation with the individuals who stand behind them. We offer a practical synthesis of consulting and coaching to generate ideas that combine profitability with social impact. As communication experts and advocates of a bold innovation culture, we collect and curate a versatile body of knowledge to create convincing campaigns and messages. As sparring partners, we promote personality, encourage disruptive thinking and steer companies towards the future. We create an environment where consulting and coaching work together to provide a tangible return on investment that visualizes values and strengthens trust in the long term. At tr-st, we call this visibility and evolution.


The success of brands and products depends on people who believe in them. People with individual aspirations and different experiences who share values and interests. They join together to create ideas and growth. This leads to tangible and measurable results. The successful and sustainable concept applies to all areas of life. We focus on the core of personality and themes, provide stimulus and inspiration. We boost your self-confidence: in your own individual strengths, your capacity to make decisions and your ability to communicate them authentically.


Innovations are created in a world where potential is discovered, promoted and connected. Embracing these potentials is a matter of trust. It is an inspiring force with extraordinary attraction and impact, and which strengthens confidence and vision. That is why we consider trust to be an essential economic and social factor. In a world that creates sustainable values.

tr-st strategy

In collaboration with our clients, we develop concepts for brand and communication strategies. We analyse which values are embraced by companies and how they are perceived by target groups. To achieve this, we work together with companies to bring about change by taking an external look at internal potential. We consider ourselves independent partners who address topics clearly, subjectively and in great depth. We also offer additional impulses from a broad network, which go beyond classical market research tools and management consulting. We consider the combination of different disciplines as a valuable and effective resource for new ideas.

tr-st communications

We shape strategies into meaningful experiences. Credibly communicated content and understanding the needs of the target group are essential for conveying a message. A decisive factor is the selection of multipliers who actually stand for the values of a brand. We define the appropriate communication channels and design the cooperation with protagonists and partners who make brands authentically visible. tr-st cultivates productive relationships and coordinates personalities with ideas and topics. In doing so, we rely on our established network of decision-makers from media, culture and business and integrate them into the overall communication context.

tr-st content

Whether you communicate by means of print, TV, social media or opinion leader: We offer everything from content analysis through to content strategy, B2B and B2C, corporate posts or influencer collaborations. Exciting, informative, inspiring and true-to-life content that turns people into fans and followers who enjoy connecting with ideas and brands on a long-term basis. We convert ideas, concepts and messages into captivating storytelling, adding dimension to companies and people. We maintain a dedicated and diligent working relationship with our clients. And we make sure that our portraits, interviews and stories are always authentic and personal. Only then do they have convincing impact and reach.

tr-st coaching

Trust is the very basis for how companies and brands are perceived, as well as for the people who shape them. CXOs influence this reputation both internally and externally by putting a face to the name. In our individual coaching sessions, we promote the targeted strategic integration of personality, to build values, competencies and strengths. Successful personal branding includes authentic storytelling and consistent behaviour. tr-st provides positioning support, asks the right questions, expands trust and establishes value-creating relationships. We help create competent leadership that convincingly shapes the future.

tr-st trainings

Great achievements are created by teams and are seldom the work of lone warriors. At tr-st, we see team building as a formula for collective success and innovative ideas. The perfect exchange among talents, a sound understanding of how to work together to achieve goals and mutual trust are the basis of successful teamwork. As communication professionals and certified systemic coaches, we develop formats that open up new paths for teams and promote the potential of cooperation. The shared experience of success generates ideas and innovative perspectives, verifiably strengthens identification with the company, binds employees in the long term and is reflected in measurable values. Our trainings are about more than just success- and goal-oriented standards. We prefer to take a more unconventional approach. In this way, we are able to reinforce valuable skills such as intuition, empathy, communication, creativity, conflict competence and self-management. Because the greatest achievements are created by personalities who trust each other and work together as a team.

Nicole Weber

managing director - consultant + coach

Nicole combines empowerment and an entrepreneurial mindset in an exceptional way. She identifies topics, promotes visions and brings to-dos to the point. Her sense of authenticity and empathy plays an important role here.

As a multi-certified coach, Nicole is an expert at strengthening and mentoring personalities. She also supports decision-makers as a communications consultant, by applying her special expertise in branding and positioning processes. Nicole is a respected idea generator who creates sustainable solutions with her intuition, analytical approach and goal-oriented mindset. Her passion for successfully turning forward-looking ideas about life and work into reality is as strong as her enthusiasm and competence at connecting people through her powerful and inspiring network in the German corporate, media and cultural landscape. Nicole looks back on more than two decades as an entrepreneur and her role as management board member for international brands. She developed strategies and managed large budgets for clients across various industries. Nicole is expertise, transparency and authenticity. Nicole is the essence and founder of tr-st.

Jan Schleifer

consultant + coach

Jan brings more than two decades of professional experience to the table as a communications consultant, certified coach and podcaster. He works for national and international government organizations as well as NGOs, and advises corporations, medium-sized enterprises and start-ups from various industries. He has a high affinity for strategic thinking, fearless words and straight-talk and values respectful communication at eye level. Jan is convinced that an authentic story is inspiring and that people fundamentally seek and appreciate their common bonds. He also believes that potentials and ideas can be discovered and complemented when people work together. Creating such connections is what drives him.

Andreas Möller-Engels


Andreas has been a professional freelance editor-in-chief and media consultant for over a decade. His clients include media companies, publishers and international brands. He is a passionate journalist who creates content of international format. Andreas was editor-in-chief of Allegra and Park Avenue magazines and a member of the editorial board of BILD. Prior to that, he worked as a correspondent in New York and East Berlin. He developed a supplement concept for the daily newspaper Dziennik in Warsaw. As an advisor to the publisher of the Italian Monrif Group, he was a game-changer at Il Giorno in Bologna, among others. Andreas likes to keep things moving. As an inspiring mediator, he brings people and topics together and uses his keen intuition to get to the heart of the matters at hand.

Britta Mader


For more than 30 years, Britta has made communications her business and knows the working environment of large agencies inside out. She has worked with numerous prestigious clients in various industries and has a keen understanding of brand experiences and customer journeys. She accurately positions brands using a mix of creativity and empathy, and creates maximum awareness for them among clearly defined target groups. She designs campaigns of well-known brands and creates experiences that perfectly connect companies, brands and people. Britta values authenticity and has a multitude of trusted contacts and a wide-ranging dynamic network at her disposal.

Paul Heilig


Paul has been meeting, greeting and portraying people and ideas for more than three decades. He finds and formulates trends and topics for and in collaboration with personalities and companies. As a media founder and journalist, he has been a valuable asset to news agencies, newspapers, magazines along with radio and television broadcasters. As an author, he has a predilection for interviews, portraits and opinionated pieces on social and economic issues. Paul serves as a consultant and advisor to brands in a variety of industries. His partners include start-ups, family businesses and industry leaders who set trends and shape the future in their fields. His vision of sustainable business is an interplay of conviction and opportunity, honest words and cohesive values. Paul views unconventional thinking not as an incidental aspect, but as an integral factor.

Max Kuehne


Max is designer and entrepreneurial creative in one. He is a traveller in digital and analogue worlds and creative director who, for many years, has contributed his expertise in corporate design, brand identity along with product and packaging design to national and international brands. He has received the German Design Award, the red dot and the iF Design Award multiple times for his creative approach and achievements. Together with his wife, Max runs the Paperlux Studio and a bookbinding atelier. In collaboration with creative thought leaders around the world, he realizes projects and products in his signature style, which always emphasizes craftsmanship at its core. Max has a distinctive hands-on mentality as both designer and entrepreneur.